22 Jul

Our Last Few Days With Bruno

This Friday we are scheduled to bring Bruno back to San Francisco Animal Care and Control with the hope that he’ll find a family from their pit bull rescue. Gone will be the swimming pool, the 6,000 square feet of field turf to play on, the 13,000 square foot Savannah to explore, and all the […]

17 Jul

Bruno Week 7 – Adopt Your Dog Now

This is our 7th week with Bruno – the time has flown and it’s sad to think we only have 1 week left with him. On Monday we took Bruno to see Dr. Gebhard at Nor Cal Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital for check on how things were progressing.  While it was way cool to […]

8 Jul

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Adopt Bruno the Dog

10.  You Would Be Doing a Good Deed Ok, this is a blatant play on your emotions. Bruno has had a hard life and he deserves better. He has been hit by a car not once, but twice, and needed pretty major surgery to address the damage. Adding him to your home would be a good […]

2 Jul

Bruno Needs a New Home

For the past four weeks Pet Camp has been taking care of Bruno, a very cute Pit Bull from San Francisco Animal Care and Control. In case you missed our or the Bruno blogs, Bruno has had a pretty tough life. Among other things, he has been hit by a car twice which resulted in […]

29 Jun

Bruno Blog — Rehoming a Dog, Week 3.5

Bruno Blog – Week 3.5 (written by Quinn) When I first met him in the Savannah at Pet Camp he was kind of nervous, and after 5-10 minutes I was giving him a big belly rub. After that, whenever I would see him, he would get pretty excited. The second time I met him, 6 […]

25 Jun

Racism in NYC — Banned Dog Breeds

This may not be shocking news to those of you who follow the news. But we’re not talking run of the mill racism; we’re talking K9 racism in the form of banned dog breeds. And not just discrimination that is based on the color of your skin, your nationality, religion or anything else that is protected […]

17 Jun

Avoiding Eye Contact With Dogs

Every once in a while a pet parent will ask us to avoid eye contact with their dogs lest they become aggressive.  Well, it turns out that rather than discussing their dog, these pet parents might just be discussing our elected officials. Let me explain. In Minnesota, for example, Senate Rule 36.8 requires that all […]

11 Jun

Bruno Week 2

About ten days ago Bruno looked something like this undergoing a Femoral Head and Neck Ostectomy at San Francisco Animal Care and Control (this is Bruno’s actual surgeon but this isn’t Bruno). After just 10 days of rehabilitation Bruno is a relaxed, fun loving pup! How relaxed you ask? Well how would you feel about doing […]

4 Jun

Bruno Needs a Forever Home: Bruno Blog Week 1 | Pet Camp

This is Bruno (and Susan). Bruno is a very special dog and, frankly, he needs your help. Here’s why… Bruno is a sweetheart of a two- year-old neutered Pit Mix (yes – let’s just face it he is a Pittie) and it’s shocking what a sweetheart he is given how his life started. For a […]

27 May

Pet Care – It’s More than an App

I was reading about a veterinarian in Texas who is in trouble for practicing veterinary medicine by giving advice on a website to “patients” that he has never actually seen. The Texas Veterinary Practice Act requires that a veterinarian see the animal before providing veterinary care. The veterinarian claims that this requirement violates his First […]