22 Dec

Labradoodles — How Do the Mom and Dad Affect Appearance?

The other day I was having a conversation with a pet parent who was convinced that her Labradoodle looked more like a Poodle than a Labrador because the mother was a Poodle.  She maintained that if the mother had been a Labrador that the puppies would have all looked more like Labradors than Poodles.  Frankly, […]

11 Dec

Doggie Erection Leads to Pet Camp Getting Dicked Over

Pet medical issues happen. We are not perfect. As much as I don’t like to admit we are not foolproof at Pet Camp, sometimes we make a mistake.  But when we do, we admit it, try to learn from it and of course don’t expect a client to pay for it. But sometimes, things happen that […]

2 Dec

Best Wishes for a Happy & Healthy Holiday Season

We’d like to close 2015 by wishing all of you a wonderful holiday season and nothing but the best for 2016. We are truly blessed to be able to take care of your campers and both honored and humbled to be trusted by you. Everyone at Pet Camp strives every day to provide the best […]

2 Dec

Feline Fantasies Come True

The new Arusha Room opened to meows and purrs last month.   This room is amazing – huge windows looking into the Safari Solarium, a fountain, cat tree and even a fire place (ok – an electric heater that looks like a fire place)! At the same time we unveiled our family room where your cat […]

2 Dec

Party at Pet Camp

Of course, you’re going out to ring in 2016 – why should your camper be left out? Let your camper celebrate New Year’s Eve at Pet Camp with our rockin’ New Year’s Eve Party! This is no lame event where your camper is forced to stand around for hours just to watch some glass ball […]

2 Dec

Holiday Photo Contest is back!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is past and the rest of the holidays are upon us? The chaos has already started, the malls are packed and parking will be a nightmare – yes the shopping, we mean the holiday season is here. This season spread some holiday cheer and celebrate with the Pet Camp Holiday Photo […]

30 Nov

Consolidation is Coming to Pet Care in San Francisco

Big business and venture capital are once again dominating the world of pet care in San Francisco and at the national level. At the national level, all eyes are on Petco and PetSmart who are doing some serious dating with the possibility of a marriage at some point. Sure one of their parents (i.e. the […]

27 Oct

E-Vet Visits: Are Online Veterinarians the Future?

Want to skip schlepping your pet to the vet?  You might have another option. PawSquad, a company from across the pond, has introduced online veterinarian consultations via a laptop or smartphone.  For 15 pounds (that’s about $23), you get a 15-minute consultation (an additional 15 minutes are available for another 15 pounds). PawSquad focuses on things “small […]

7 Oct

Staying in the Pet Camp Family

This is a guest blog by Leeann Berry, Cat Ranger at Cat Safari. Several weeks ago one of our long time Cat Safari clients came to me with heavy hearts and a sad conclusion. He knew his beloved cat, Kavalier, would be better off being rehomed and asked for our help. He loved Kavalier dearly, but […]

2 Oct

Pet Camp: A Part Of Preventative Healthcare For Dogs!

We’ve always believed that exercise and socialization are essential parts of a healthy and happy dog’s lifestyle, but for many years others were not so sure. We opened Pet Camp in 1997 and included dog group play as part of the overnight stay experience; while we thought we were right, our industry group (called the American […]