12 Apr

Profiling vs. Risk Management In Dog Group Play

I was having a conversation about dog group play with a friend of mine who runs an amazing pet care business here in California.  I cannot say enough how much I respect this individual, enjoy speaking with him about our pet resort, and value his contributions to the pet care industry.  Can you guess by this […]

28 Mar

Not Enough Dogs?

I was reading an article in Pet Business Magazine about the shortage of dogs in the United States. Now there are days when I feel that there is a shortage of dogs at Pet Camp (come on campers, make those reservations!), but a shortage of dogs in the country? I had never even considered that. […]

25 Mar

Wearing Our Politics on our Sleeves

The other week, a pet parent responded to the Pet Camp San Francisco newsletter with the following comment:  “Please keep in mind, not all of your clients are left leaning liberals. Some of us still think for ourselves. Perhaps leaving politics out of your advertising might be a good business decision.”  As much as I appreciate this […]

25 Mar

Cats Need Stimulation Too!

For as long as Pet Camp has been around (since 1997, in case you were wondering), there has been uniform agreement on the need for dogs to get stimulation. Maybe there was debate as to whether that stimulation should come from a long walk or group play or both, but everyone agreed that dogs needed stimulation. […]

21 Mar

Sometimes, Moms Don’t Know Best

The other week someone forwarded me this blog advocating small dogs for kids. Now, I know that I’m completely assuming that Ms. Borboa is a mother (at least I hope she is; otherwise, what is she doing writing a blog about dogs and kids?), but as a father of four kids I tell you Ms. Borboa […]

16 Mar

What’s In a Name? DNA vs. Human Assessment of Pit Bulls

Well, it turns out a lot if that name is “pit bull.” In direct contrast to Justice Stewart who said “I know it when I see it.” (Jacobellis v. Ohio, 1964), a recent study in the Veterinary Journal states that those working at animal shelters don’t actually know a pit bull when they see it (which, […]

11 Mar

Pet Camp’s Blog Was Hacked!

In yet another boost to Mark’s already inflated ego, some anonymous person has actually taken the time to hack the Pet Camp blog and post something (which you already received and we recommend that you do not click on any of links).  While many companies are furious when their blog is infiltrated in this manner […]

4 Mar

Get a Pet & Save Some Cash

Of course, we all love our pets. Our dogs and cats are part of our family. But did you know that having a pet has other benefits besides bringing you love and joy? You may not believe this, but having a pet can actually save you money! How Pet Ownership Can Save Money According to a […]

25 Feb

Dog Fighting and Guilt — No Chance of Proving Innocence

Most of us think that one of the basic tenants of U.S. law is that you are innocent until proven guilty.  Sadly, for some dogs not only are they not innocent until proven guilty — they are automatically guilty without even a chance of proving their innocence.  Here’s why: under current California law, any dogs seized in […]

27 Jan

To Breed or Not To Breed – That is the Question

There is a Facebook post making the rounds that has a dog dressed up like Yoda saying “Adopt or Adopt Not, There Is No Buy.” The post is clearly designed to get people to adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue group rather than purchasing from a breeder (or presumably a pet store if […]