Pet Camp’s New Retractable Roof – What It Adds

Pet Camp has always prided itself on being the pet care facility for pets – not humans.  We’re not posh, we don’t spend our money on branded dog beds or food carts, we spend our money (which means the money you spend with us) on the things we think will make your pet’s stay amazing….

March 25, 2019

Pet Camp is “Open To All”

Pet Camp recently signed the OPEN TO ALL pledge and signed up to get our window decals (without the yelp marketing component).  For those of you who don’t know, businesses that sign the OPEN TO ALL pledge commit to: Maintain a welcoming and safe environment for people – including employees, visitors, customers, vendors and clients…

March 21, 2019

What’s that Smell? Decoding Dog Flatulence

OMG. What’s that smell? In my house we can almost always blame flatulence on my 16-year old son Quinn; even when the dogs (and we have 3 of them) let loose, Quinn gets blamed. But what if you’re not fortunate to have a “fart-goat” in the house? How do you deal with your dog’s gaseous…

March 18, 2019

My Dog is Not “Chattel,” My Dog Is Family

I admit it, I look at other pet care facilities’ web sites.  I look at how cool some of the web sites are, what services they offer, how much they charge – the normal stuff any neurotic small business owner would do to make sure they stay competitive.  One of the areas I always look…

March 5, 2019