Skunks & Your Dog: When It Happens Be Ready!

It’s springtime in San Francisco.  Time for walking your dog in the early morning sun and the dim evening light. It’s a great time of year – mostly post rain and still pre-fog.  Sadly, you and your dog might not be the only ones out for a stroll.  While skunks are nocturnal (they tend to…

April 16, 2019

Dogs Bark: How to get over that and teach the “quiet command”

Yup, it’s true: dogs bark (except for those Basenjis who are sold to unsuspecting pet parents as “barkless dogs” who then realize that instead of barking Basenjis scream). What did we expect?   We’ve bred dogs to bark for thousands of years and now we get upset when a dog does its “job” and barks…

April 11, 2019

Introducing: The Pet Camp Mobile App!

The Pet Camp Mobile App is Here! Yes, it’s true – we’ve joined the app-crazy world of San Francisco! The Pet Camp App won’t let you summon something from the fast-food restaurant 10 minutes away that already offers take out (and should you really be eating that stuff anyway?) or sync to your smart speaker…

April 4, 2019

Pet Camp’s New Retractable Roof – What It Adds

Pet Camp has always prided itself on being the pet care facility for pets – not humans.  We’re not posh, we don’t spend our money on branded dog beds or food carts, we spend our money (which means the money you spend with us) on the things we think will make your pet’s stay amazing….

March 25, 2019