14 Feb

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Pet Camp

It’s Valentine’s Day at Pet Camp! Sure we could celebrate with chocolate (but that’s bad for dogs) or overpriced roses (but those thorns hurt paws) or cheesy greeting cards (actually, we kind of like those). But we didn’t! Instead we celebrated with our campers. Check out the Pet Camp Counselors and some of their favorite […]

1 Feb

We Be Jammin’ at Pet Camp

Almost 18 years ago we installed a sound system at Pet Camp’s Main Campground.  We purchased a used McIntosh Amp (which is still working), put in about 10 pairs of speakers around the building and started playing music.  Lisa, who was the person sleeping here at night back then, thought we were insane spending all […]

27 Jan

Divorce and Pets

It is commonly said that 50% of all marriages end in divorce. I’m not sure if that number is right, but after 20 years of marriage I can see how it happens. In many marriages there are kids and, perhaps more importantly, pets to consider.  Of course for many years there have been laws in […]

10 Jan

Big Business and Your Pet

For almost 20 years, Pet Camp has been proud to be family owned and operated.  There have been several offers to purchase Pet Camp; some from corporate competitors and some from investors.  For reasons both personal (we weren’t ready to sell) and financial (they weren’t offering real money but simply shares in the new-bigger and […]

9 Jan

Dogs, Drugs & Police – A Bad Combination

At the end of last year, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals (that’s the one that covers Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee) ruled that it is reasonable for police officers to shoot and kill a dog for merely blocking the path of travel of a police officer searching a basement.  Now to be fair, when […]

19 Dec

Mud Day at Pet Camp!

Dogs love to play in the mud (or is it mudd?) – no news there.  But who knew that there is actually a mud day?  Turns our December 20th is Mud Day and who doesn’t like to celebrate such an important holiday?  Check out the campers and the counselors having a blast celebrating Mud Day […]

16 Dec

What Makes Dog Food "Breed Specific"

At Pet Camp we see all sorts of dog food.  When you’ve got 150 dogs lodging with you, you’re bound to see plenty of types of food.  As part of this smorgasbord of doggie delights we often see “breed specific” dog food.  This is dog food that is marketed to a specific breed of dog.  […]

7 Dec

Electric Fences . . . For Cats?

If you grew up or now live in the suburbs or the country, you’re probably familiar with underground electric fences to keep your dog from leaving your property. These fences are sold under various names like “Invisible Fence” or “Pet Safe,” but the idea is pretty simply: you dig a trench around your property, drop […]

1 Dec

Celebrate Mutt Day!

National Mutt Day National Mutt Day is December 2nd.  At Pet Camp we love each and every dog and each and every breed – pure, mixed, AKC recognized, American Rare Breed or simply made up (you doodles know who we’re talking about).  But December 2nd is the day we recognize our hybrid dogs.  Take a […]

20 Nov

Thanksgiving Dinner – Great for You; Not So Good for your Pet

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and while many of San Francisco’s dogs and cats will be spending Thanksgiving with us at Pet Camp (and hopefully enjoying our pet friendly holiday dinners), we know that many pets will be spending Thanksgiving at home with the Thanksgiving meal just above their heads (or at head level […]