23 Aug

When Should I Drop off My Dog or Cat?

There are all sorts of things going on at Pet Camp throughout the day, and we think your dog or cat should be part of the fun!  But there are some practical reasons to drop your dog or cat off earlier in the day over later. Doggie Day Care – It kind of goes without […]

21 Aug

How Do You Know Cats Like the Safari Solarium

At Pet Camp’s Cat Safari, we pride ourselves on having created a cat-centric environment.  Sadly, cat care is an afterthought at most pet care facilities. Most overnight pet care facilities are designed to take care of dogs, and then a small, often windowless room is added to the back to take care of cats.  In […]

9 Aug

Can I Check in While I’m Away?

Not only can you check in while you’re away and your dog or cat is lodging with us, we actively encourage it! There are a host of ways to know what your dog or cat is doing at Pet Camp while you’re away, or frankly even if your dog is here for doggie day care […]

9 Aug

Why Training Matters at Pet Care Facilities

For better or worse, the doggie day care and pet boarding or lodging industry is largely unregulated.  This means that almost anyone can open a doggie day care, lodging facility, or operate as an independent contractor under one of the many platforms out there (like rover.com or wag!), without any training.  We think pet parents should […]

3 Aug

Cash Cow or Your Pet’s Care?

A colleague recently sent me this Dogtopia ad from the Delta in-flight magazine. It was also featured in a half page ad in the Wall Street Journal. In case you don’t know, Dogtopia is a franchise doggie day care. Their webpage says they have over 70 locations with plans for 400 more. As pet parents, […]

25 Jul

Pet Camp vs. Some App

You see them everywhere – Wag!, Rover.com, Dogvacay.com (now owned by rover.com), and who knows what else. These apps! You click on your phone and someone is there to take care of your dog. Sure, maybe we’re biased but we’re not convinced that an app is the best way to take care of your pet. […]

20 Jul

Grain Free Diets Good or Bad?

For several years now grain free diets have been growing in popularity. At Pet Camp, while we are agnostic on the grain free diet issue, we’ve seen an increase in the number of pet parents bringing in grain free diets for their dogs. While the dog food we feed at Pet Camp is made by […]

18 Jul

Why Daycare Matters

You’ve seen the eye rolls and heard the comments from friends when you mention that your dog goes to doggie day care every day. They all but come out and say, “Are you crazy!?” but since they’re good friends they bite their tongues and just snicker when you’re out of ear shot.   Sure, some of […]

6 Jul

Packing for Pet Camp: Do’s & Don’ts

What to send to camp? It’s that time of year when kids head off to sleep away camp and parents wonder “what should I pack?” Well, just like your kid’s camp sends you a list of dos and don’ts, when it comes to packing here is Pet Camp’s suggested packing list: Specialized Diet: Pet Camp […]

20 Jun

Should the USDA Regulate Animal Shelters and Rescue Groups?

In April, The Washington Post ran a story saying that 86 “rescue and advocacy groups” had been purchasing dogs and puppies at auctions.  The Post reported that since 2009, these groups have spent $2.68 million buying 5,761 dogs.  Needless to say, this story created a fury within the pet community and raised such questions as: “What? Are […]