26 Oct

20 Years – That’s 140 in Dog Years!

It’s hard to believe that Pet Camp opened its doors 20 years ago. In 1997, when we told the American Boarding Kennel Association (what our industry group was called back then) that we wanted to allow dogs to socialize while at Pet Camp, they said we were crazy and almost didn’t let us join the […]

23 Oct

National Pit Bull Awareness Month

October is National Pit Bull Awareness month, and we here at Pet Camp are saluting our blocky-headed campers with even more hugs and kisses than they already get here on a normal day! As the proud mother to my own blockhead “Magoo,” I’ve had just as many people smile at and praise my dog as […]

25 Sep

National Dog Week

September 24th to 30th is National Dog Week.  Of course at Pet Camp we celebrate Dog Week every day, but it’s always nice when the calendar people make it a special week.  To be honest, we are a bit disappointed in the placement of National Dog Week as we were hoping it would overlap with […]

21 Sep

Fake News in Cat Care?

I hate to jump on the fake news bandwagon and especially when it comes to the New York Times (which is still delivered daily to my house in that famous blue plastic bag), but there are times when even I need to say “really?” Back in June I was reading the Times and found an […]

13 Sep

Pet Camp Camper Cadets

It is said that San Francisco has more dogs than children, and while we can’t do much about those misbehaving kids, we do have the ability to make sure no one is saying “whose dog is that anyway?” Pet Camp’s Camper Cadet dog training uses only positive reinforcement to teach your dog (either an adult […]

11 Sep

Working with Others to Protect Your Dog

Canine Influenza, or CIV, is an upper respiratory disease that has been affecting dogs since 2004. For those of you who don’t follow this issue, Canine Influenza (CIV) was first detected in greyhounds in Florida in 2004, but it really hit the big time in Chicago in 2015. Since then CIV has been detected in […]

26 Aug

Happy National Dog Day!

Really?  Like we need a day to celebrate our dogs?  Every day (and I mean every day) is National Dog Day to me!  In fact, if I can be so bold, every day is International or even Galactic Dog Day to me. Where would we be without the amazing dogs in our lives?  And think […]

16 Aug

Treat A Big Business Like A Big Business

There is a perception that pet sitting is a small business and the government should just leave pet sitters alone.  By “alone” I mean not require them to register as businesses, not require them to get business licenses, not require them to get inspected and, of course, not require them to pay taxes.  Frankly, any […]

8 Aug

Happy International Cat Day!

I’m often asked if I’m a dog or a cat person. I don’t understand why it’s presented as an “either/or” question.  Why does me being infatuated with Splash (and you know that I am) mean that I can’t think that Stan Lee is the cat’s meow (and you know that I do)?  Well, as much […]

1 Aug

Grain-Free Pet Foods

At Pet Camp we see all sorts of pet food, from our all natural house brand, to “top shelf” (or at least expensive) brands, to grocery brands.  The trend these days is to see lots of grain-free pet food.  When you’re taking care of 180 dogs and 80 cats you expect to see all sorts […]