Old or Experienced? Maybe Both?

I am old and grey, my back hurts on a regular basis and most would say I’m crotchety too. These are not, to say the least, the most positive things to have to admit about oneself.  But along with all those years, the grey hair (mostly on my beard since there’s so little left on…

December 10, 2019

Every Day is Hump Day at Pet Camp

No, we don’t mean because we operate every day of the year every day feels like Wednesday, we mean really there is the potential for humping every day at Pet Camp. It doesn’t happen often, but at times there is a camper (so far no counselors) who decides to strut his (or occasionally her) stuff….

December 3, 2019

San Francisco Wades into the Politics of Veterinary Care

It’s no secret that almost everything in San Francisco is political; now that list includes veterinary care. Over the past several years there has been an explosion of corporate veterinary care (where a corporation owns the practice rather than the veterinarian on-site). The largest of these corporations is Mars Inc. (yup, the candy company). The…

November 26, 2019

What’s New in the Meadow? Pet Age and our Campers Weigh In

What’s new in the Meadow, you ask? Well, a whole lot. Since we unveiled our new space our doggie friends have roamed, barked, smiled, played, rolled, jumped, and enjoyed the sunshine and retractable roof protection from rain and fog.  Our clients and counselors are loving the new space. We’re proud that it’s one of a…

November 18, 2019