9 May

Should I Neuter My Dog? When Should I Neuter My Dog?

One of the unique things about Pet Camp (and, with only a bit of modesty, there are a lot of unique things about Pet Camp – glass retractable roof anybody?) is that we don’t have a bright line rule by which dogs need to be spayed or neutered to come to Pet Camp.  While many […]

1 May

A Golden Jubilee Celebrated by Not a Single Dog Trainer

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first retractable leash being offered for sale to consumers.  According to petage.com the flexi retractable leash was introduced on April 1, 1973 but sales took off after Interzoo in 1974.  Flexi-leads or retractable leashes are now seen everywhere; everywhere except in the hands of dog trainers. Consumers […]

26 Apr

HBR (Harvard Business Review) WTF?

The March-April edition of the Harvard Business Review (HBR) (yes, I get the HBR and yes, I read it and yes, I can’t afford anything in the ads) had an article entitled “Cat Owners Are More Cautious Consumers Than Dog Owners.”  The article, with “data” to support it, claims that because dogs are perceived as […]

25 Apr

Why Dog Training Matters in San Francisco

It looks the rainy season might have finally ended the San Francisco Bay Area.  Dry and maybe even sunny days mean there’s more opportunity to be out and about with your dog.  While ensuring your dog is well trained is always important, especially in a dense urban environment such as San Francisco, springtime with all […]

24 Apr

Tali the San Francisco Crime Dog

Ok, it may not have the same ring as McGruff the Crime Dog, but this past weekend our Newfies Norman and Tali (but mostly Tali if you ask her) took a bite out of crime in San Francisco.  Here’s what happened. In the early foggy hours of Saturday, April 22nd the ever-alert Newfies heard a […]

20 Apr

Big Dogs – Perfect for San Francisco!

I have lived in San Francisco for 35 years.  Much has changed in 35 years, but what has not changed is my love of big dogs and my conviction that big and event giant breed dogs make amazing pets in an urban environment and especially in an urban environment such as San Francisco! Here are […]

10 Apr

Cat Declawing in San Francisco

San Francisco was the first major city to ban the practice of onychectomy (declawing) of cats except when necessary for a therapeutic purpose.  In case you’re wondering, “therapeutic purpose” means “necessary to address the medical condition of the animal, such as an existing or recurring illness, infection, disease, injury or abnormal condition in the claw […]

31 Mar

Cat Care Facility or Cat Sitter?

We often get asked why using a cat care facility is better than having a pet sitter check in on your cat while a pet parent is away.  We understand that in a place like San Francisco there are plenty of people who will check in on your cat while you’re away.  You might find […]

16 Feb

Does Physical Activity Improve Cognitive Function in Dogs?

For some time, we’ve been told that keeping our bodies and minds active is a good way to delay the onset of cognitive decline in humans, now research on dogs yields the same results: a strong correlation between physical activity and cognitive function. Correlation between Physical Activity and Cognitive Function in Dogs A recent study […]

30 Jan

Cat Breeds for Dog People

Oh, Sh*t!  You’ve Fallen in Love with a Cat Person! The worst thing in the world has happened – ok, maybe the penultimate worst thing in the world has happened – you fell in love with a cat person.  After (fill in your own age here) years of being a diehard dog person, is your […]