Doggie Day Care Means Less Doggie Fears

We’ve preached for some time now that doggie care – be that “traditional” doggie day care involving group play or K9 Enrichment (what some might refer to as doggie day care 2.0) – is as important for a dog’s mental state as it is for their physical state. A study of almost 14,000 dogs in…

October 21, 2020

Fashion with Citizen Canine

Fashion in the Pet Care Industry – San Francisco Bay Area Style

I was never a fashionista – jeans and a t-shirt were my clothes of choice even when it was expected that I would wear nicer clothes to work. Scooping poop for a living was simply an excuse for dressing down even more (shorts and a t-shirt) and only when I turned 45 (a long-long time…

October 6, 2020

K9 Enrichment

FAQs About K9 Enrichment

Hi, this is Mackenzie, Pet Camp’s K9 Enrichment Coordinator again.  In my last blog I introduced our K9 Enrichment program. Now that you know what it is, some of you may have specific questions. Here are some common FAQs that I’ve heard lately that will hopefully provide you with some answers! Will my dog still…

October 3, 2020

K9 enrichment

What is the K9 Enrichment Program and Who Can Join?

The following is a guest blog by Mackenzie Moran, Pet Camp’s Canine Enrichment Coordinator. She came to Pet Camp in November 2019 from a small dog walking, training, and overnight care company in San Francisco. During her 5 years there she ran off-leash outings that involved everything from basic commands and play manners to building…

October 1, 2020