Dealing with Your Pandemic Pup

It seems like just over 100 days ago you could walk down the street, make a quick detour into a store, or maybe even grab an adult beverage at your favorite watering hole. Man oh man, have things changed! But the one amazing thing to come out of this pandemic is that you got yourself…

June 30, 2020

doggie daycare matters

Why Doggie Day Care Matters – Even When You’re Working from Home

Your work at home period just got extended until – well, really who knows until when. You’ve got that extra time you used to spend on MUNI or on the proverbial “Google Bus” to hang out with your dog, work on some training (yea right) or go to the dog park (now that they’ve re-opened);…

June 25, 2020

dogs playing

Back To Work For You And Your Dog

Over the next few weeks as more businesses re-open, you and your dog may both need to adjust to you going back to work. Here are some thoughts to implement even before that 1st trip back to the office, store, restaurant, (you get the idea): Establish a routine. Perhaps you got a bit relaxed about…

June 18, 2020