10 Aug

Pet Friendly Hotels – Not Always So Pet Friendly

I get the idea of traveling with your dog sounds like fun. There were a few years that I took Splash with me on every trip to Lake Tahoe – she was great in the car and loved the chance to sleep in the bed at the cheap (and I do mean cheap) hotel we […]

6 Aug

San Francisco Veterinary Appointments and Vaccines Update

Over the past few weeks, we’ve gotten several calls from concerned pet parents that they can’t get their camper’s vaccines updated before coming to Pet Camp. To get a better understanding of the situation we reached out to one of the largest veterinary clinics in San Francisco and can confirm that it is currently very […]

28 Jul

Road Tripping This Summer?

For obvious reasons, road tripping is all the rage this summer. Whether it’s renting an RV or just packing up the car and getting out of San Francisco (or wherever you are) without getting on a plane or, dare we mention it, a cruise ship, road trips are the vacation du jour (du week, du […]

21 Jul

No Trade War – Just Protect Pets

Reasonable people might have differing views on the effectiveness of protectionist policies when it comes to protecting the country’s economic health; no one should differ when it comes to installing protectionist policies to protect the health of the country’s dogs! Currently there is no unified policy ensuring the health of dogs imported into the United […]

14 Jul

Summer Hairdo? No, not for you.

It’s summer in San Francisco. While most people think it gets “hot” when the temperature hits 85 or 90 degrees, we know anything over 70 is too hot. But even with our moderate climate, there are pet parents who want to give their dogs a “summer haircut.” Well, in addition to the embarrassment your dog […]

7 Jul

Cats Get Bored Too

Sure, on day one of any vacation it’s nice to pick out a nice lounge chair, grab a good book, order a cocktail and settle into a nice nap in the sun (the book is just a cover for those who claim to want to do something on vacation). But what about on day 100 […]

30 Jun

Dealing with Your Pandemic Pup

It seems like just over 100 days ago you could walk down the street, make a quick detour into a store, or maybe even grab an adult beverage at your favorite watering hole. Man oh man, have things changed! But the one amazing thing to come out of this pandemic is that you got yourself […]

18 Jun

Back To Work For You And Your Dog

Over the next few weeks as more businesses re-open, you and your dog may both need to adjust to you going back to work. Here are some thoughts to implement even before that 1st trip back to the office, store, restaurant, (you get the idea): Establish a routine. Perhaps you got a bit relaxed about […]