18 Jun

Back To Work For You And Your Dog

Over the next few weeks as more businesses re-open, you and your dog may both need to adjust to you going back to work. Here are some thoughts to implement even before that 1st trip back to the office, store, restaurant, (you get the idea): Establish a routine. Perhaps you got a bit relaxed about […]

9 Jun

Saying Goodbye to Competitor

In some industries, businesses are pleased when a competitor closes. The thought seems to be that, “With one less competitor, there will be more customers coming to my business.” I can’t speak for all pet care businesses or for all circumstances, but this is not the way Pet Camp operates and we are sad to […]

28 May

Apparently Not All in this Together amid Covid-19 Crisis

For as long as I can remember, which is March 16th (the day before San Francisco Shelter in Place took effect), I’ve heard “We are in this together.” Apparently to one of our competitors in San Francisco, this isn’t the case. Before I go on, we know who the competitor is, we’ve just decided not […]

21 Apr

Health Care During a Health Crisis

San Francisco has been operating under a Shelter in Place Order since March 16th. While Pet Camp has stayed open, our business has suffered immensely. I say that not to whine, or even to claim that Pet Camp is suffering any more than any other small business in San Francisco or the country – it […]

14 Apr

In Time of Need, San Francisco Shakes Down Small Businesses

I thought I would take a break from a weekly update on San Francisco’s Shelter in Place order and its impact on Pet Camp to discuss the larger issue of the role of small businesses in San Francisco and how we are generally treated. In the midst of this coronavirus crisis, we are hearing all […]

2 Apr

San Francisco Dog Parks Closed – Pet Camp Open

When San Francisco’s Shelter in Place order was extended until May 4th it was also expanded to close all of San Francisco’s dog parks. We know that this is a burden on San Francisco pet parents – because as much as an on-leash walk is fun, there’s no way it makes up for a romp […]

31 Mar

Shelter in Place – Pet Camp Week Two Update

Here’s a quick update on how week two went at Pet Camp: Dogs & Cats – still amazing. Mark’s back & knees – considerably less so The campers, managers, and our clients have been, in a word, remarkable. We are beyond proud to still be open and providing overnight care for the pets of those […]

24 Mar

San Francisco Shelter In Place – Week 1 Update

It has been a week of sheltering in place for San Francisco (in case you are counting, that’s 7 weeks in dog years), and I have to say that things are both bleak and amazing. First the bleak: Pet Camp, like pet care facilities around the country and businesses everywhere, has taken the response to […]

13 Mar

Thanks for Asking – How COVID-19 Impacts Pet Care Facilities

The other day we got a cancellation of an overnight stay at Cat Safari. Frankly, these past weeks we’ve been getting plenty of cancellations of both overnight stays at both Cat Safari and the Main Campground as well as doggie day care reservations at the Main Campground. We completely understand why this is happening, that […]

10 Mar

Dear Abby: Time to Join the Modern Era of Quality Pet Care

The other week I was reading Dear Abby; ok, that’s not true, I’ve never read Dear Abby in my life. Really, my wife was reading it and told me that Dear Abby had said that asking a family member to put a dog in a “kennel” is “tantamount to telling them they must put their […]