3 Oct

Selective City Enforcement Harms Small Businesses

The other week one of Pet Camp’s vehicles could not be started at the end of the day.  After struggling for a bit, the counselors left it on the street (parked nicely along the curb) overnight.  This vehicle, the old school bus we will use to move dogs between the Main Campground and the Ranger […]

27 Sep

What is the Best Leash Length for Dog Training?

With the Ranger Station up and running, and our associated ability to do more dog training and enrichment at Pet Camp, we are receiving more dog training questions than ever. One of the most common questions we get is, “what’s the best leash length for dog training?” As with much of dog training, there is […]

13 Sep

What Pet Camp Means To Me: Stevie Hoodja

As the Ranger Station launched its soft opening the other week, I have been reflecting on what I have done at Pet Camp the past year, and it’s been unlike anything I expected and more than I could hope for. This time last year, I was an eager 22-year-old recent graduate with a Bachelor of […]

6 Sep

Why Does Pet Camp Require the Dog Flu Vaccine?

Pet Camp and many, but not all, pet care facilities in San Francisco require that all dogs be vaccinated against CIV, also known as dog flu.  Because not every San Francisco veterinarian asks pet parents about the dog flu vaccine, and others treat this vaccine as a “lifestyle” vaccine, there are times when Pet Camp […]

28 Aug

The “Quiet Command”

Now that the Ranger Station is up and running, we wanted to begin to share some of the additional training and activities we can offer at Pet Camp. One area of the Ranger Station is a desensitization area.  We have an array of things your dog is exposed to while out and about in San […]

22 Aug

Pet Camp Ranger Station: “Beyond Group Play”TM

As we begin operations at the Ranger Station, we are being asked the inevitable question: why? Why did we feel the need to expand?  Why did we feel the need to offer enrichment and training beyond group play? And for those of you who know how Pet Camp really works, why did Michelle let Mark […]

14 Aug

San Francisco: Perfect Weather for Your Dog!

There have been many human hotels advertising as of late that they are also good dog hotels.  Some chains have even gone as far as partnering with web-based apps to provide additional services for your dog.  Now, never mind that a human hotel is designed for… you guessed it – humans, not dogs; and never […]

9 Aug

New York Times and Dog Parks

The New York Times recently published a guest essay entitled “Dog Parks Are Great for People.  Too Bad They’re Terrible for Dogs.”  The crux of the essay was that, while we humans think of dog parks as an “oasis” from urban life, it would be wiser to think of them as “undersupervised and vaguely dirty […]

21 Jul

Fear Free at Pet Camp’s Ranger Station

Most of you already know that all Pet Camp managers and supervisors that directly interact with the dogs at the Main Campground are Fear Free Certified.  We think we are the only pet care facility in the San Francisco Bay Area that can make this claim. Some of you may remember that for several years […]

5 Jul

Holy Sh*t – I Agree with Governor Abbott about Something

As a proud San Franciscan, I take great pleasure in disagreeing with the political leaders of the big red states, so it pains me – really-really pains me to have to publicly admit that I agree with Governor Abbott from the State of Texas on something.  I know, there are a lot of “things” out […]