Cat Boarding Services: Cat Safari 

Cat Safari is an urban oasis created especially for cats to enjoy. Located in a beautifully remodeled turn-of-the-century building in San Francisco, it was designed to offer cat boarding and the kinds of activities, stimuli and comfort that cats love.

Cat Safari is a world away from the traditional cat boarding experience. As part of this unique long-term and overnight boarding space, we wanted cat campers to have the opportunity that most San Francisco cats never get – the chance to explore the great ‘outdoors’ within a safe, secure environment.

The result is the lush Safari Gardens, the country’s only ‘outdoor’ adventure for cats. Here your jungle cat can answer the call of the wild while safely in our care.

In addition to the option to go on safari, we also offer Very Individualized Playtime (VIP) for cats who crave human interaction. Check the Activities & Extras page for details.

Standard Amenities

  • Enormous windows with maximum sunlight
  • Club lights that twirl colors & shapes for your cat to chase
  • Active individual ventilation system that your cat needs
  • Relaxing music 24/7
  • Aquarium towers full of colorful fish and landscaped surroundings to attract birds and butterflies
  • Daily free time in the playroom
  • Custom cat trees, condo or suite with plush bed
  • Meals served on your specified schedule
  • Special diets or administering medications are not a problem

Cat Boarding Services: Main Campground

Our cat boarding services at Pet Camp’s Main Campground in San Francisco offer the diversions cats love. Your cat can plan fantasy hunts while watching the birds and plants just outside the windows – or the fish swimming in the indoor aquarium.

Every cat or cat family takes turns frolicking and exploring the cat room. Since most cats are shocked to learn they are not the only feline in the world, we do not allow cats from different cat families to play together. We also offer optional Very Individualized Playtime (VIP) as a part of our cat boarding services for cats who crave human interaction. Check the Activities & Extras page for details. Check out our cat boarding rates here.

Standard Amenities

  • Custom-made condos and suites with maximum sunlight
  • Comfy, built-in perches
  • Plush beds
  • Active individual ventilation system that your cat needs
  • Daily free time to play in the playroom
  • An aquarium for keeping tabs on colorful fish
  • A cat tree for climbing and pouncing
  • Meals served on your specified schedule or left out at all times
  • Special diets or administering most medications are not a problem

We want you to feel comfortable using our cat boarding services. Come by and take a tour with one of our Camp Counselors, watch our video tour below, or take an interactive camper tour here!

Watch our Cat Safari video

Click below to take a peek at what our campers were up to this week.

You can find all of our cat boarding rates by visiting our Rates & Specials page.