Each Cat is different, so at Cat Safari, we offer several rooms and activities to please every feline. At Cat Safari, we cater to all cats

What is Your Cat’s Preference?. All cats have different temperaments and personalities, so we’ve designed these options. Of course, they all come with our cat-expert counselors’ tender loving care.

Unique Cat Safari Lodging Accommodations

Standard Cat Safari Room


  • Club Lighting” to project colorful shapes to chase
  • Bubble Tubes
  • Lots of Windows with Extra-Wide Window Sills (purrfect for cat naps)
  • Cat Tree

Masai Mara rooms


  • Standard Cat Safari Room features
  • Big picture window and ledge overlooking the safari gardens, more fun for your cat!

Arusha Room


  • Standard Cat Safari Room features
  • Wall-to-wall windows (over 100 square feet)
  • Exciting sights of the Cat Safari Solarium and Gardens

Victoria Falls / Family Room


  • Free roaming ability for families of cats or just single cats who love to socialize and like to explore
  • Climbing posts
  • Ledges
  • Hammocks
  • Windows
  • Private Garden

There is a 15% discount for the second cat sharing a campsite.
Special holiday rates may apply

Additional Services

Safari Time


For Jungle-Loving Cats: Our fully enclosed safari-style garden.



For VIP Cats: Our pampered one-on-one package is for a
15-minute session of "Very Individualized Playtime."

Big Cat Package


For Combo Cats: Our "Big Cat Package" combines Safari Time and VIP at an attractive rate.

Pet Camp Express

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Presidio Stroll


For Catwalk Cats: "Presidio Stroll" is a stimulating spin around the neighborhood with a cat counselor while kitty takes in sights and sounds safely tucked inside our custom enclosed stroller.

Picatso Art Masterpiece


For Artistic Cats: A "Picatso" interactive painting experience comes to life for cats who love chasing the critters that scurry across our screen. The result is a creative master-piece signed by your own Picatso.

Kitty Kindergarten


Kittens under a year of age will thrive in this one-of-a-kind experience, while learning skills to promote long-term health and happiness

Concierge Service

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Cat Grooming & Bathing


Our professional groomer will clean out the undercoat, trim trouble spots – even tidy up those unsanitary tail-end clumps. Your cat will come home looking sleek from head to tail.

Special Offers

Free Money? Yes, We Mean It.

Get a $50 Pet Camp Gift Card when you refer a (furry) friend to Pet Camp

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