World Rabies Day – September 28

At Pet Camp, we are extremely concerned with pets’ health & safety issues, while in the United States we almost never hear of a person dying from rabies every year some 55,000 people die from the rabies virus.  In Europe and the Americas the rare rabies deaths we do see are almost always caused by bat bites.  In contrast, in Asia and Africa rabies in humans is usually due to exposure to a dog infected by rabies.   Sadly, children are often at greatest risk from rabies.  They are more likely to be bitten by dogs and are also more likely to be severely exposed through multiple bites in high-risk sites on the body.  Once bitten it is critical that good medical care be immediately sought.  But in the areas where rabies is most prevalent, good medical care is often not available.

In 2006, the Alliance for Rabies Control was started and in 2007 the first World Rabies Day was held .  World Rabies Day has grown to involve human and animal health partners at local, national and international levels with the goal of mobilizing awareness and resources in support of human rabies prevention and animal rabies control.  Since 2007, World Rabies Day events have been held in 150 countries, connecting with 182 million people and vaccinating 7.7 million dogs!

We congratulate the Alliance for Rabies Control on this amazing accomplishment.

Thanks for reading!