Why Doggie Day Care Matters – Even When You’re Working from Home

Your work at home period just got extended until – well, really who knows until when. You’ve got that extra time you used to spend on MUNI or on the proverbial “Google Bus” to hang out with your dog, work on some training (yea right) or go to the dog park (now that they’ve re-opened); so why in Lassie’s name would you still need to take your dog to doggie day care? Funny you should ask.

1. Don’t You Miss Your Friends?

Sure, you’ve got Zoom, Google Hangout, Facetime, and who knows what else, but is that really as good as hanging out with your friends IRL? Your dog needs to socialize too. Your dog needs to continue to be exposed to both dogs and people to ensure that they stay healthy and adjusted to urban life. We hate to say it, but as great as you are – you’re just not enough for your dog.

camper smile savanah2. Leash Walks Are Not Enough

Leash walks are great. They get you and your dog out of the house, allow you both to burn off some energy and maybe work on some training along the way; but leash walks are not the same as group play at doggie day care or a K9 Enrichment session.

3. Dog Parks Are Not Enough

We are blessed to have off-leash dog parks in San Francisco, but you know that going to the average dog park is not the same as doggie day care. Do we need to spell it out?

  • On a good day you’re at the dog park for an hour. Doggie day care is just that – a full day.
  • Sure, we know that your dog is fully vaccinated; but what about that other dog? You want your dog to play with dogs that are fully vaccinated!
  • Not everyone is trained in dog behavior or body language. It’s sad to have to say this, but it’s true – not everyone takes being a pet parent as seriously as you do.
  • Clean and disinfected were never the words you would use to describe a dog park and those things matter even more now.

Hey, don’t take our word for it, if you want to read more about why a visit to the dog park might not what’s best for your dog check out this New York Time’s article.

doggie daycare savanah4. Social Distancing

As San Francisco goes back to work and life, there are a host of new rules and processes to make sure that we stay as healthy as possible. From wearing masks to social distancing, these measures (while important to protect our health) limit the fun you and your dog can have while out and about. Avoiding human and dog interaction while taking a walk or at the dog park is just no way for either of you to have fun.

5. Dogs Just Want to Be Dogs and You Need a Break

Back before Covid-19 (BC) you already had a million things on your mind, now it’s so much worse. What used to be a 45-minute trip to the grocery store now includes a 45-minute wait before you even get into the store. Doggie day care is great for both you and your dog. Your dog gets to be a dog – from running around with friends to working on fun-gility or learning new skills – and you get a much needed and much deserved break from the ever increasing background noise of our Covid-19 lives.

Sign up for doggie day care and the Pet Camp Express, pour yourself another cup of coffee and take that first Zoom or Google Hangout call with your pajama bottoms still on (we do recommend looking good from the waist up). You’ve earned it!
Stay healthy and thanks for supporting San Francisco’s small businesses in this time of need.

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