What if my cat gets sick at Cat Safari?

We think Cat Safari is head and shoulders above any cat care facility out there.  Of course everything about Cat Safari was designed with the health and safety of your cat in mind.  Unlike other cat care facilities, each cat at Cat Safari gets his or her private condo which is under slight negative pressure,  meaning that fresh air is drawn into the individual condo. Once in the condo, the air does not circulate back into an area where other cats might be, but rather is drawn past the litter box and then exhausted right out of the building.  This means that no air goes from cat to cat within the building. In addition, the front of each condo is about 75% glass so even when a cat is nose-to-nose with the front of his or her condo, no air is leaving the condo. Of course, we are also cleaning all the time!  In fact, we just added an electrostatic spray gun to our cleaning arsenal. This means that when we apply disinfectant, it has a positive charge so that it clings to the sprayed surface (which is negatively charged), even on the underside of a shelf! Learn more about the extra safeguards our Cat Safari facilities have for the safety of your fuzzy companion here.

But all of that said, on rare occasions can a cat get sick or begin to display symptoms of something while at Cat Safari.  Rest assured that should this happen, we are ready to respond. First, Ishai, Cat Safari’s own “Cat Man,” is not only a cat parent but also spent over a dozen years working at and managing veterinary hospitals. This means that your cat is under the watchful eye of someone with amazing cat knowledge.  But like all of us, sometimes a cat needs medical attention. Of course, in this event we will go to YOUR regular veterinarian, since like people, it’s better to take your cat to the veterinarian or veterinary hospital that knows your cat best if the situation is not an emergency. If the situation requires more immediate attention or your veterinarian is not available, we will take your cat to the veterinarian that can see your cat the soonest or is best equipped to deal with the issue.  During all of this, we will do our best to keep you informed of everything that is going on.

We want to provide the most personalized and  best pet care anyone can offer. While we certainly hope that nothing ever happens that requires medical attention, we are confident that the training, experience and resources at Cat Safari will allow us to address it in the best way practicable.