Dogs Are Social

Fort Funston, Chrissy Field, your local dog park – we San Franciscans love that our dogs get to run and play off leash and outdoors.  There is nothing better for them than the opportunity to burn off energy, get fresh air and socialize. Sure, don’t get us wrong, a leash walk is fine and it’s important that your dog takes regular leash walks for both the obvious reasons as well as ensuring good leash manners, but to be a well socialized dog your dog needs to actually socialize!.

Dog Walking Apps Don’t Cut It

By now you may have seen the glitzy T.V. commercial with some fancy movie (or maybe T.V.) star using an app to have a stranger go into her house and walk her dog while she’s at work.

Now, why you would want a stranger coming into your house to walk your dog is a whole other question to ask; but right now we’re wondering why having your dog sit around all day while you’re at work just to have him or her go out for a quick on-leash walk is so great for your dog – even if you can book it on a great app.  We think your dog needs more.  Your dog needs more time outside, more time socializing and more time interacting with people than a 30-minute on leash walk (even one that you can track on your cellphone so you know when your dog poops and pees) can provide.

Pet Camp Can Help  

We know these apps have appeal and are easy to use.  We get that and understand that we need to make Pet Camp both great for your dog and easy on you.  We’re not an app, but to set your dog up for an amazing day of play all you need to do is text us at 415-282-0700.  If you’re a new camper, someone will get back to you and make it happen; if you’re a returning camper we’ll just text you back or send you a confirmation email.  There’s no need to speak with a counselor if you don’t want to – but of course we’re here in case you want to chat with us (try that with an app).  Need it to be even easier? Use the Pet Camp Express and you’re work is done with a simple text; almost as easy as using an app and your dog gets so much more!