Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Adopt Bruno the Dog

10.  You Would Be Doing a Good Deed
Ok, this is a blatant play on your emotions. Bruno has had a hard life and he deserves better. He has been hit by a car not once, but twice, and needed pretty major surgery to address the damage. Adding him to your home would be a good thing to do, and it’s a great reason for why you should adopt a dog.

9.   He gets along with Cats
Sure, we know that not everyone who loves dogs also loves cats, but if you’re fortunate enough to be open-minded about with whom you share your love, fear not, Bruno will fit right into your house.

8.   He gets along with Dogs
We agree, no one should have just one dog in their house – unless the dog is going to be Bruno! So if you already have a dog and are worried about adopting another dog, worry no more.

7.   He gets along with Kids
Yup, Bruno is kid tested and kid approved and ready to be added to your house, which is great reason why you should adopt a dog. Come on…Bruno needs a home and your kids need a dog!

6.   He Needs to Get Out of Animal Care and Control
We only have Bruno for two more short weeks and then he goes back to San Francisco Animal Care and Control. Sure, we respect the work the professionals at ACC do each and every day – but it’s not home! No dog was meant to spend this much time at a shelter (even a good one like ours).

5.   No Adoption Fee and Free Training
If you adopt Bruno the dog this month (and why would you wait?) ACC will waive the adoption fee AND you’ll get a free training class (including in-home consultation) from the folks at Pawsitive Tails. You can thank the Friends of Animal Care and Control for underwriting the adoption fee. Sure, we know this might not be as cool as a free ginsu knife (for those of you old enough to remember those commercials), but no adoption fee and free training is a lot more practical.

4.   His Post-Surgery Rehab Will Be Completed
We know that not everyone has the time to commit to a long post-surgery rehab for a dog. This week and next, Bruno is up to 30 range-of-motion exercises three times a day, 15-minute leash walks three times a day, and a swim every other day. We know this takes a lot of time out of someone’s day – but by the time Bruno goes home with you it will be all done and you’ve got a dog ready to go.

3.   You’d be the Envy of Everyone at the Dog Park
Come on, you’ve been at the dog park and heard someone say, “I rescued Fluffy from….” No one, and we mean no one, will be able to top your story about Bruno and his life before you brought him into your home.

2.   Chicks/Dudes/Both Will Love You
Sure, this isn’t the reason anyone should adopt a dog – but think of it as a side benefit. Almost like Bruno with benefits? What chick/dude/both is not going to melt when you tell them about Bruno and the good deed you did by adopting him?

1.   He’s just a really sweet dog
This just sums up Bruno. He is just a really sweet, kind of shy at first, very gentle dog who very much needs a loving home. Wondering why you should adopt a dog? You’ll understand when you meet Bruno.

Thanks for reading!