Play With Your Cat

This is a blog post by Pet Camp’s Cat Safari Manager Leeann Berry.
I have three cats and two of them are overweight. Alex and Puck, my chubby cats, are both on low calorie diets but food is only part of the solution. Getting them off the couch is what they really need. However, being older they are really picky about toys and it’s hard to get them moving. Luckily, I have found a few toys that get their attention and get them off their lazy butts.

Playing with your adult cat is important, it’s good exercise that’s crucial for your cats health, it is a tool for bonding, socializing and keeping your furry friend happy and fit.  It’s best to get to know your cat and see what motivates them to play, each and every cat is an individual. It may be noise that entices them, their competitive prey drive, or for the older cats it could be smell.

The first great cat toy is the trusty cat wand. The wand exercises a cat’s prey drive during the play session. Letting them catch the “prey” or “win” the game is a fundamental part of making the play time successful. It helps release energy and frustrating urges that can manifest into bad kitty behavior.

The second toy I have found to be fun and fascinating to most old and young cats alike are crinkle balls. These light weight balls come in different sizes and colors and make a delightful crinkle noise as they are batted around by paws, held in the mouth or tossed around. You can add to the excitement by sprinkling them with cat nip. We found this toy to be a huge hit at Pet Camp Cat Safari over the holiday.

Last but not least are feathers and fur. Feathers and fur accessories on toys are a tried and true fun remedy for the bored or lazy cat resistant to exercise. Feathered tassels, fur covered balls, fur covered mice, feathered tasseled cat nip stuffed cigars, and more. One great way to get your cat to roll around and play, to be motivated is to give them any toy that comes with these natural elements. Most feathered cat toys are made from naturally shed feathers, but what do you think about cat toys made from fur? We know that our feline friends go crazy for them but how do you feel about them?  What are your favorite cat toys? How do you like to play with your cat?

Thanks for reading!