What’s New in the Meadow? Pet Age and our Campers Weigh In

What’s new in the Meadow, you ask?

Well, a whole lot. Since we unveiled our new space our doggie friends have roamed, barked, smiled, played, rolled, jumped, and enjoyed the sunshine and retractable roof protection from rain and fog.  Our clients and counselors are loving the new space. We’re proud that it’s one of a kind.

Our friends over at

Red Dot Studio did a great job bringing our Meadow vision to life. Lots of light and greenery, a beautiful soft turf so that paws are well taken care of during playtime.

We couldn’t track down any dogs to interview about the magic of the Meadow space, because they’re too busy enjoying it. But we did manage to talk to the experts at Pet Age, who featured us in their exclusive industry brief section.

If you want to see this mention in context (and we know you do), visit Pet Age’s website and read through their November issue (page 39).
If that whole hyperlink thing isn’t for you, you can also read the article published by Pet Age introducing the Meadow here.
We don’t like to toot our own horn, but we love the Meadow and are so happy that both dogs and humans alike are enjoying the space every day.

Learn more about the meadow’s specific features here and make a reservation if you’d like your doggie to try this pawsome space.
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