Tali the San Francisco Crime Dog

Take a bite out of crimeOk, it may not have the same ring as McGruff the Crime Dog, but this past weekend our Newfies Norman and Tali (but mostly Tali if you ask her) took a bite out of crime in San Francisco.  Here’s what happened.

In the early foggy hours of Saturday, April 22nd the ever-alert Newfies heard a sound outside our house. Quick to their feet they jumped on the wall around this tiny (like really tiny) deck off our bedroom and sounded the alarm.  Sadly, since this was not the first time the dogs had barked at 3:30 in the morning, they were told “Good Dogs.  Quiet Now.  Back to Bed,”  but they persisted (perhaps they are not as well trained as I thought?). Soon thereafter there was a strange sound, like metal being dragged on the street.  Since this was different, I joined them on the tiny deck (I had to push them back into the room to make room for me on the deck) and saw that a mini van had parked next to and slightly in front of a Toyota Prius AND that there were 3 people AND a jack approaching the Prius!  I yelled at them “Hey get out of here.  Don’t try to steal things around here.”  The individual with the jack quickly retreated to the van, the 2nd individual got into the driver seat, the 3rd individual turned on a large flashlight and showed it into my eyes but then also got into the car and they sped off!

We called the non-emergency police number to report what happened and at a much more reasonable hour left a note on the Prius filling them in on the events of the night.  But it’s clear the always alert (except when sleeping) and generally cat friendly (come one, you get the joke) Newfies prevented the theft of another catalytic converter in San Francisco!

Catalytic Theft Prevention Score: Newfies: 1 – San Francisco Police Department: 0.

Here are a couple of articles about recent catalytic converter thefts in San Francisco:

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