Big Dogs – Perfect for San Francisco!

I have lived in San Francisco for 35 years.  Much has changed in 35 years, but what has not changed is my love of big dogs and my conviction that big and event giant breed dogs make amazing pets in an urban environment and especially in an urban environment such as San Francisco! Here are just a few reasons why.

  • Big Dog – Small House – Great Fit

People think that if you have a big dog you need a big house; nothing could be further from the truth.  Yes, a big dog might need a bigger dog bed and bowl, but that’s about all the extra space they need.  Sure big dogs need exercise, more on that below, but once at home, big dogs like nothing more than a nice nap.  There is no running around and no yapping about, but there may be some snoring.

  • Big Dogs Make for Nice Walks

San Francisco is an amazingly walkable City.  Yes, there are those pesky hills – but you can learn ways to avoid them – but there are endless neighborhoods from the Mission to the Marina to explore or you can walk for miles along Ocean Beach or the Embarcadero without needing to have your dog sit at a curb before crossing the street.  Big dogs are happy, perhaps even thrilled to take a nice leisurely stroll with you.

  • Plenty of Parks

splash and the golden gateSan Francisco is blessed with dog parks.  We have small neighborhood off leash dog parks and massive off leash areas at Fort Funston and McLaren Park.  These are perfect places for your dog to play and socialize.







  • Great with Kids
    quinn and zambi

Even if you don’t have human children and even though it is reported that San Francisco has more dogs then children under 18, the odds are high that your bug do will meet a human child. Big dogs are amazing around kids.




  • Meet Your Neighbors

People sometimes complain that it is hard to get to know their neighbors in a City like San Francisco.  We don’t have big front porches to hang out on and our weather is not always conducive for even a beer on the front steps – a big dog can solve this for you.  Walk down any San Francisco street with your big dog and your neighbors will be stopping you with all sorts of questions about your dog.  If you’re on the shy side let your dog be the conversation starter.splash and her prom posse

There you have it, 5 big reasons why big dogs make great city pets but especially in city like San Francisco.







Thanks for reading.