Skip The Counseling Session – Get a Dog!

Last month a blog in Psychology Today asked the question “Is Your Dog Really Helping You Make It Through the Pandemic?” and then went on to explain about a survey to answer the question. An online survey got responses from 1,900 pet parents in the United States age 18 to 64 who were employed full time. The blog did not explain if these people were working from home or still going into the office at the time frame for the survey.  Here are the results.

Can your dog help with emotional well-being during the Covid-19 pandemic?

smiling pup in savannahThe results (not a surprise to anyone with a dog) showed that 63 percent of respondents claim that their dog is helping to improve their psychological status and reduce stress. The main reason cited for this improvement was that their dog provided companionship and made them feel less lonely.

To me, the really interesting thing about this study is why are the numbers so low? In the best of times, my dogs, and frankly the others at Pet Camp too, improve my psychological status (which I think means makes me feel better); during times like these, my dogs and the time I spend walking with them or brushing them is relaxing and rejuvenating. And as far as being alone, is anyone really alone when they are with their dog?

Your dog or cat can help you go through everyday stress.

Cat relaxing at Cat SafariThese times are stressful beyond measure. We are being asked to isolate ourselves from family, friends and loved ones, and we are being told not to do so many of the things that bring us joy and comfort. For those of us fortunate to have pets, we have always known how much they add to our lives; guess it took a pandemic to get the word out to everyone else.
Has your dog or cat helped you deal with the Covid-19 pandemic? Tell us how.

Stay healthy.

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