My Takeaways from the Feline Science Symposium

After spending 10 plus years of observing cats in veterinary hospitals, I was very confident in my cat knowledge – but some continuing education refreshers never hurt. With that in mind I attended the Feline Science Symposium presented by the San Francisco SPCA. Sure I walked away thinking about some things, but more importantly, I left knowing that Pet Camp Cat Safari has got what it takes when it comes to cat care.

This symposium included 6 speakers on topics ranging from Exploring Cat-Human Attachment to creating a Peaceable Kingdom in a multi-cat household. During each presentation, I thought about how Cat Safari exceeded many of their suggestions and recommendations. For example, they made a strong point to emphasize a cat’s need for vertical space. All the rooms at Cat Safari have tall cat trees for our furry felines to climb and sharpen their claws on (pointed out in the Cat Clawing presentation, too), and of course we’ve got lot’s of scratching posts.  They also recommended providing sunning spots for cats. All of Cat Safari’s rooms have window ledges for sun bathing, not to mention our amazing Safari Solarium.  It was really very reassuring to get confirmation from the experts that Cat Safari goes above and beyond when it comes to cat care.

I had the opportunity to meet some incredible volunteers for Maddie’s Fund and they directed me to their most recent project on feline communication, and I can assure you that every one at Cat Safari is fluent in cat speak.It was a great event and I look forward to next year!

This is a guest blog by Ishai Meron, Pet Camp Cat Safari’s very own “The Cat Man.”