Say it ain’t so: San Francisco a BAD City for Cats!

At the end of last year, OneVet released a survey that placed San Francisco as number 8 of the 10 WORST cities for a cat! We tried to find the actual survey on OneVet’s web page to no avail and then scoured the internet looking – also to no avail. So as much as we wish we could scrutinize the reasons OneVet trashed our City By The Bay – they’ve made it so we can’t. We also note that OneVet has a single location in Charlotte, North Carolina – which must make them an expert on a City a mere 2700 miles away. So, let’s look at what the survey was to measure and how San Francisco really stacks up.

What does the survey say about San Francisco being a bad city for cats?

  1. Pet Friendly Rentals: Yes, San Francisco’s housing market is tight and expensive – but it is also pet friendly. A quick search on revealed 3,622 cat friendly apartments available for rent. That’s a lot of cats!
  2. Veterinarians: Really, not only do we have 30 plus veterinary clinics in San Francisco – we have 2 CAT ONLY veterinary clinics.
  3. Pet Stores: How about every other block or two.
  4. Cat Adoptions: Last year, San Francisco Animal Care and Control placed 933 cats with rescue partners for adoption and adopted out an additional 705 cats. That’s 1,638 cats adopted or over 4 cats adopted a day!
  5. Cat Cafes: Really? Yes, we have one; but do cats go to cafes?

Usually, we don’t let this kind of stuff give us a hairball – but OneVet might need to get on a plane and visit San Francisco (we need the tourist dollars right now anyway). While here, they can check out our amazing veterinarians, visit a neighborhood pet store, stop over at the San Francisco Animal Care & Control and adopt a cat, but skip the cat café and spend some time watching the cats do what cats really love at Cat Safari. Of course, if they are feeling really remorseful about bashing our City, they can rent a cat-friendly apartment for a deserving San Francisco cat pet parent.
Come on OneVet we’d love to show you how cat cool San Francisco really is!
Thanks for reading.

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