Mobile Food Trucks go to the Dogs

Here in San Francisco mobile food trucks are a controversial issue.  San Francisco is a City full of “foodies,”  but the every increasing number of food trucks has resulted in a food fight the scope of which hasn’t been seen since Animal House (a classic!!) with brick and mortar restaurants and the food trucks fighting about permitting issues, how close to an existing restaurant mobile food trucks can park, what type of food or drink they can sell near an existing restaurant, the list is pretty extensive.

But wait, now there’s something new for the foodies in my fair City to fight about…mobile food facilities that cater to dogs! Now in addition to restaurants fighting with trucks, can we expect neighborhood pet stores to get involved?  And it gets even better, if you’re looking for an even more heated argument, the move to mobile food trucks for dogs at the national level is being sponsored by the Purina PetCare Company and you know how much San Francisco loves it when big business tries to push around small-locally owned businesses (and of course we have a locally owned and operated doggie mobile food truck already here).

But we wonder how this will work.  Will we get to take our dogs out for a night on the town?  Does it give doggie bags a whole new meaning?  What do you think?

Thanks for reading!