San Francisco Dog Parks Closed – Pet Camp Open

When San Francisco’s Shelter in Place order was extended until May 4th it was also expanded to close all of San Francisco’s dog parks. We know that this is a burden on San Francisco pet parents – because as much as an on-leash walk is fun, there’s no way it makes up for a romp in the park. We’re glad to be able to offer your dog our 23,000 square foot Meadow and Savannah as an alternative to your local dog park.

But as much as your dog needs to romp in a dog park, we also know the dog parks were closed to protect your health and safety. While we’ve always taken cleaning and disinfecting seriously, our focus was, to be honest, mostly on protecting the dogs and cats – not the humans. We’ve made some changes to make Pet Camp even safer.

  • We are only allowing one client at a time in our lobby. If we ask you to wait a moment when you drop off or pick up your dog, we’re not being rude, we’re just creating social distancing.
  • We’ve changed our path of travel so that if there are multiple clients, we invite one through the front door and ask one to leave through the side door.
  • We are asking pet parents to remove leashes and collars themselves after we place a Pet Camp lead on your dog.
  • We are only accepting food and medicines as personal belongings and carefully wiping down all containers when we accept them.
  • We are using our electrostatic sprayers to disinfect our lobby, doorbell, and door handles.

While some pet parents were venturing to dog parks, there are also pet parents reluctant to venture too far from home. Rest assured that should your dog need a ride to or from Pet Camp, the Pet Camp Express is ready to serve you.

We know that both your pets and your health and safety are of paramount importance. We know that part of your dog’s health is being able to romp and play. We also know that during this difficult time, having the assurance that someone is looking out for both you and your pet is essential, and we are doing just that. 
Thanks for reading.

Pet Camp has been providing award wining care for dogs and cats since 1997. If you are a San Francisco Bay Area pet parent in need of doggie day care, overnight care for your dog or cat, training, bathing or pet transportation please give us a call. New campers get 50% off their first 3 days.  If you are a pet parent in need during the Covid-19/coronavirus crisis please let us know how we can be of assistance.