Revenge Spending on Your Cat

“Revenge Spending” is a term that’s currently making it around the economic talk shows and news wires. In basic terms, Revenge Spending is spending money now to make up for all the things you missed during the pandemic, shelter in place orders, and economic shutdowns. Since San Francisco has been under a shelter in place order longer than anywhere else and that our shutdown has been more extreme, we should have more Revenge Spending than others. Here are some ways to revenge spend on your cat, and remember, spending this money will be good for your pet while giving you revenge at the same time – so spend away!

  • picatsoSafari Time for your Cat: You’ve thought about it before; “would my cat like to explore the Safari Solarium?” Now is your chance to find out.
  • Pi-cat-so Art Class: Turns out while you were stuck at home, the price of art was going through the roof (I guess people wanted new things to hang on their walls). For a lot less than you would have to spend on a Picasso, you can have an original Pi-Cat-So to hang on your wall. Even better, your Pi-Cat-So comes already framed!
  • Presidio Stroll: Let your cat do the window shopping for you with a Presidio Stroll. Perhaps you need something from Anthem (just across the street from Cat Safari) and don’t have the time to stroll about – no worries, your cat can pick out something purrfect for your home.

We know that these items won’t make up for the months and months you’ve spent cooped up at home, but they are a great start at seeking revenge against the pandemic all while spoiling your cat (even more). Remember, it’s better for you to do some revenge spending on your cat than for your cat to seek revenge on you.
Thanks for reading.

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