Racism in NYC — Banned Dog Breeds

This may not be shocking news to those of you who follow the news. But we’re not talking run of the mill racism; we’re talking K9 racism in the form of banned dog breeds. And not just discrimination that is based on the color of your skin, your nationality, religion or anything else that is protected under our beloved if much abused Constitution; we’re talking about racism based on DNA! That’s right, a hoity-toity Co-Op near Lincoln Center in Manhattan wants residents to submit DNA samples of their dogs and be able to tell the Co-Op the percentage of which type of breeds is in their dogs! And why does this matter? Perhaps this a “breed purity” movement?   Not according to the Co-Op which claims that this information is needed based on the well documented information indicating that certain breeds have a tendency towards aggression. So what breeds does this Co-Op need to ban – let’s start with Maltese and Pomeranians! Yup, those breeds are on the banned list!  These are the mighty vicious beasts that need to be banned from expensive NYC Co-Ops.

So what do you think? Are any breed specific bans a good idea? Would you submit your dog’s DNA just to live in a Co-Op? Would you even want to live in a Co-Op that required you to submit your dog’s DNA?

Thanks for reading!