Pet Care: Big Fan Features Pet Camp

Pet Camp is a boarding facility for dogs and cats located in San Francisco, California. But what makes it unique is so the way we approach what we do, our whole goal was to replicate the dog park experience that we have in San Francisco.
San Francisco is an urban market, obviously and most of us don’t have big back yards. So if you want your dog to play, you go to the dog park. And you hang out with your friends, and the dogs hang out with their friends and you romp and that’s what we wanted to create here.
We wanted to create an environment where our dog clients could have fun. They could play. They would be safe. They would be loved. And for our cat clients they would have a tranquil environment with plenty of stimuli. We have a fish tank a scratching post, an easy chair.
We have bird feeders, wild flowers I mean everything to make it fun. They’re going to camp. We put our fans in about a year ago. We were prompted to put them in, because we were looking for a more energy efficient way to move air around. In our dog run areas, we vent the air every four and a half minutes.
So we have an air turnover every four and a half minutes. But I wanted to have increased air flow and sort of air movement within that confined space. We have been using thirteen box fans just you know, two and a half to three foot box sands. Just to move the air, just to keep stirring it up.
So, that sort of prompted six or eight months of research into what options I have, what types of fans are out there, who made them had anyone ever used them before? Did they think they would work in this kind of environment? And did they think they’d work then, in our environment specifically?
Yes, they’re much more energy efficient than regular box fans. When we did our energy analysis, they estimated the fans would pay for themselves in sheer energy savings in about six or seven years. Years. And that was fine. That was within our sort of return on investment criteria. But what stunned us when we put them in was all the other sort of variables we haven’t calculated into our decision making process.
Specifically, they’re quiet. What we realize very quickly is we were walking into our dog ran area We were yelling. We weren’t yelling over a hundred dogs, we were yelling over 13 boxed fans. Because now you can walk in their, their are a hundred dogs, their are the two big ass fans and you can still hear the classical music playing.
Before all you heard was the fans just wailing. That issue has made a huge change to our staff and our psyche. They move the air so much more gently, that even on a cold morning, which, for San Francisco isn’t that cold, you’re willing to turn them on because you don’t have those box fans just churning that freezing cold air right in your face.
It also produces a lot less dust. Box fans move that air so violently that anything that’s in that air gets sort of impaled or impacted right on another surface. Without having that, we have a lot less dust blowing around. And everything has changed. I mean, even our exhaust fan, which we have to clean just because there is dust in the air.
There’s so much less dust everywhere. That everything stays a little cleaner.