Pet Care: AT&T Features Pet Camp

Pet Camp is a certified Green Business. We have 6,000 square feet of outdoor play space and it’s all covered in field turf. So, it’s that new generation of AstroTurf. It’s really soft and cushiony, drains real well and that lets our dogs come out to play. And it recreates that sort of dog park experience that certainly is necessary in an urban environment like ours.
A few years ago, we said okay, we’ve got this great play environment for dogs, what do cats really like? So it took us about a year and a half. We finally found this building and we were able to put a green house, attach a green house to the back of the building.
We did this space for the cats and the safari garden and what we didn’t expect were all the people who saw the space. And said, wow, can I bring my cat in, even when my cat isn’t staying overnight, just to come and play? We have a point to point T1 line between the two buildings.
So that means we have one database, and both facilities can share the information. When you call Pet Camp and if everyone there is busy, it rolls over automatically to Cat Safari. So someone here can answer it, as if they’re at that other building and have access to all the data.
So from a client’s perspective, it’s all seamless. From our perspective, it really shares the workload in a much more efficient manner. One of the issues we faced was, we didn’t really understand how any of this stuff works. We know where we wanna go, so we worked with an AT&T vendor who was able to help us decide how many voice lines we needed, how many data lines we needed.
We had all that stuff and it was great to have one person to talk to and it was essential.