Pet Camp Camper Cadets

It is said that San Francisco has more dogs than children, and while we can’t do much about those misbehaving kids, we do have the ability to make sure no one is saying “whose dog is that anyway?” Pet Camp’s Camper Cadet dog training uses only positive reinforcement to teach your dog (either an adult who needs some refresher or a puppy just getting started) the 5 basic skills needed to succeed in San Francisco: sit, down, name recognition, leave it, and loose leash walking. Just think how nice San Francisco would be if we could get those pesky kids to master these skills?

Pet Camp Camper Cadets is 2 lessons a day for 5 days allowing your dog the time to ace these skills. We use several different counselors to train your dog so your dog will be able to transfer from Pet Camp to home seamlessly. To make things even easier, we’ll send a USB (shaped like a dog bone no less) with both written and video instructions as well as a video of your dog performing all 5 tasks (just in case he or she says “we never learned that”). The Camper Cadet program is a great way to set up your dog for success on the streets (or at least the sidewalks and dog parks) of San Francisco.

Thanks for reading and watching!