Packing for Pet Camp: Do’s & Don’ts

What to send to camp?

It’s that time of year when kids head off to sleep away camp and parents wonder “what should I pack?” Well, just like your kid’s camp sends you a list of dos and don’ts, when it comes to packing here is Pet Camp’s suggested packing list:

Specialized Diet: Pet Camp stocks an array of dog & cat food from the Diamond Food Company. This is the same company that makes Taste of the Wild, Chicken Soup for the Soul and a host of others. We carry the Diamond All Natural formulas for both dogs and cats with both chicken and lamb protein sources for dogs and a variety of cat flavors. Unlike human kid camp, if your camper is on a different diet please bring that food with your camper.

Bowls: Nope, unless there is a really special reason that your camper needs his or her bowl from home please leave it at home. We’ve got hundreds of bowls in all different sizes including tip-proof and elevated.

Bedding: Pet Camp is one of the few pet care facilities that lets pet parents bring in personal belongings and bedding from home. You certainly can bring these things to Pet Camp, but before doing so please think about the following. We have lots of nice cushy beds for the campers. This means if your camper spills something on his or her bed or the bedding in anyway gets soiled, we can simply remove the bedding and replace it with a fresh set (just like at a human hotel). Our bedding is always clean and ready to go! If you bring bedding from home we will do our very best to keep it clean and tidy and will wash it before your camper goes home, but please don’t send us that special quilt that your grandmother knitted. Our washer and drier are probably not as gentle as the one you have at home and to ensure that all our bedding is disinfected everything is washed in hot water. Lastly, try as we will to ensure that your camper won’t tear up bedding, we simply can’t prevent it from happening. If you’re at all concerned about your pets bedding or it’s expensive, why not just use our bedding and then no one has to worry about it?

Treats: Absolutely bring them! We’re happy to give our treats if you bring them from home, or we’ll just or use ours if that’s ok with you.

Toys: Just like with bedding, you are welcome to bring a toy or two for your camper but please remember that there will be times when you camper is in a campsite without direct supervision by a counselor so PLEASE don’t bring anything that you would not leave your camper with alone at home to camp.

Medicine: A must! Just like you would not send your human child to camp without his or her medicine please don’t send your camper to Pet Camp without their medicine. We simply ask that the medicine be in the original container (so we can read the directions) or that you walk us through the directions and allow us to put a label on the medicine. There are some medical conditions that we simply aren’t comfortable addressing so please if your camper is on medicine or has a medical or physical condition please speak with us in advance so that we can make sure that Pet Camp is the best place for your camper.

Let us know if we’ve missed anything to include on your camper’s packing list. At least we know for sure that you don’t need to send your camper with any spending money!