Our Counselors are Certified in Infectious Disease Managment

At Pet Camp, continue education is a way of life. Each month we receive newsletters from various veterinary schools, industry leaders, and attend webinars.  Yearly we attend conferences around the country to discuss best practices with other pet care providers.  This month, all the Pet Camp managers completed a Certificate in Infectious Disease Management.  This certificate is offered by Merck Pharmaceuticals, Clorox Healthcare, the National Association of Veterinary Technicians and others.  The program focused on the array of infectious diseases that can impact dogs, the ways to avoid bringing these diseases into a pet care facility, and proper disinfecting protocols.  It was reassuring to see that much of the information presented we already incorporate into our daily practices. And we are flattered that our feedback on the material were passed on directly to the folks at Merck and Clorox.