Stop Feeding My Dog Human Food

I’m a big believer that humans eat human food and dogs eat dog food. I think it’s healthier for my dog.  I don’t think her stomach can process the spicy Mexican food that I like – and there are plenty of really high quality dog foods available. Equally important, I don’t want her to think that “hanging around” (a nicer way to say begging) people who are eating will be rewarded by getting something special.

Now I know that there are some folks, and maybe even the majority of them, who think differently than I. Frankly, while I think they’re wrong and I won’t be handing their dogs any leftovers from my plate, I respect that they made a decision about how to treat their dog and I won’t tell them to stop (no matter how tempted I am). I just wish that they would respect my decision about my dog’s dietary regime! If you want to offer my dog anything to eat, from a dog treat to a slice of cheese pizza you should ask me what I want for my dog. Trust me, if you ask her she’ll say yes to pretty much anything.

Thanks for reading!