Wild New Year’s Eve story proves Mastiffs aren’t Great Guard Dogs

Most of you know that I have four teenage kids (18-year old triplets and a 16-year old.) I’m well aware that the drinking age is now 21, but I’m not quite naive enough to think this means that kids won’t imbibe when the opportunity and occasion present itself (such as a New Year’s Eve party.)  Sure enough, when I got up on New Year’s Day and went downstairs to make some coffee there were a few extra kids sleeping in my house (and we didn’t even host the party).  I’m not sure what it means that I didn’t even react to an extra four kids curled up together on the sofa except to grind the morning coffee elsewhere to avoid waking them up.

While finding some unidentified teenagers in your house may not make the news, check out this story!  While I might just find some random kids on the sofa, a woman in Wisconsin found a neighbor sleeping on the dog bed next to her 150-pound Mastiff after the neighbor drunkenly mistook her house for his own.

What did I learn from this story?  First, I think it’s great that the Mastiff was willing to share the bed with some stranger (isn’t that how the post-New Year’s Eve celebration is supposed to end?)

Second, this story once again proves how inept Mastiffs are as guard dogs!  Marmalade, our 155-pound Mastiff, is probably likely to bark up a storm (provided she is not already upstairs sleeping) should someone stumble into our house late at night, but then have no objection to that someone flopping out on her bed with her after a night of shenanigans.  She, however, might object to not have been invited to share in the shenanigans (turns out she is a big fan of beer.)

So, what’s the goofiest thing that has happened with your dog that you were sure would never happen?

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