Is There a Veterinarian at Pet Camp?

Pet Camp does not have a veterinarian on staff, but we do have relationships with all the veterinary clinics in San Francisco.  In the most unusual circumstance that your dog or cat needs medical attention while at Pet Camp, our preference is to take your pet to your regular veterinarian (just like you would rather go to your primary care physician than a doctor you don’t know). In most cases, we’ll be able to check in with you first. Sometimes we’ll notice something off, and when we call a pet parent, we’re told “Oh yea, we forgot to tell you about that.  Thanks for noticing it and calling us, but we’ve already had it checked out by her veterinarian and it’s fine.” Other times it’s, “That’s weird, yes please have the veterinarian take a look at it.”  After that, we’re off to your veterinarian and either we or your veterinarian will provide you an update.

There are times when your regular veterinarian doesn’t have an appointment, isn’t open, or for some other reason, we think that we want to see a veterinarian right away.  If this is the case, we have an established relationship with two different clinics, each about 10 minutes from the Main Campground and Cat Safari, so if time is of the essence, we are able to meet that need too.

We don’t need to take a pet to the veterinarian often, but it does happen.  We think it’s important to you and your pet that Pet Camp has the resources to address your pet’s health needs.  Sadly, for too many pet care facilities and most definitely for many who provide pet care through an app on the web, this is not the case.  We encourage you to ask your pet care provider about their access to veterinary care when deciding what’s best for your pet.
Thanks for reading.