Invest in Your Pet’s Future with Pet Camp Bonds

A Pet Camp Bond Now Makes a Difference Later

A big thank you to all the pet parents who placed a deposit for a summer vacation without summer plans made yet. And another thank you to those who purchased a doggie daycare punch card weeks before their current one is done. We certainly appreciate your support of Pet Camp and all of San Francisco’s small businesses during this time of crisis.

But in times of need, there are also unique ways to invest in better days to come. Purchase a Pet Camp Bond today, hold on to it until Memorial Day and get a 10% return on your investment. A $100 bond is worth $110 in two short months and a $1,000 bond is worth $1,100 (you get the idea). A Pet Camp Bond is a much better way to invest in your pet’s future than the stock market.

Purchase a Pet Camp Bond today and make an investment in your pet’s future!

Invest In Your Pet’s Future Now