How To Become a Star Camper – Pet Camp

Pet Camp is where pets do what pets love – We have lots of different activities and lots of options. Each cat is really different, so we have a lot of activities, a lot of different choices for cats.
We have extra wide windowsills, for those cats who like to lie in the sun and check out what’s going on outside. We have special club lights in the ceiling that it spin lights and colors around for cats who like to chase lights and colors. We have fishtanks, giant aquarium is full of fish for the cats who like to chase the fish.
We have all sorts of space for them inside and then we also have our safari garden which is a landscaped greenhouse. It’s safely enclosed, your cat is safe. Your cat isn’t getting out anywhere. But it feels like a jungle for your cat, cuz they can climb, and they can move around, and they can explore and hunt while they’re all safely inside.
There’s a myth out there that cats are more comfortable with cat sitters than going to a place like Pet Camp, and what we find is that when people leave their homes, and they leave their cats for many days in a row with a cat sitter, the cats really get lonely, and they get bored.
When they’re at home, they’re used to used being home, and they’re used to a lot of activity. When the cat sitter comes, cat sitter might drop in twice a day, maybe 10, 15 minutes a time. And that’s just not enough for a really social cat, when cats are with us, they’re watching us work with them, work with the other cats, clean their room, feed, give cats medicine, theres music playing, there’s constant activity during the day, and cats really seem to enjoy that, they find a lot of comfort in being surrounded by people and by the activity.
And we find that, for the first time cat, there’s certainly an adjustment while they’re figuring out what pet camp is all about and that it’s all gonna be okay. But we find that the second time they come, they’re old hands. They look around, they say hey, how are you?
They settle right in and they get on with the routine because they feel safe, they feel secure and they know our routine.