Homeschoolers need socialization, and so do dogs!

There are lots of opinions about homeschooling kids.

Some parents swear by it and some swear at it; thankfully this blog is not meant to persuade anyone of the pros or cons of homeschooling.
Even the advocates of homeschooling agree that an important component of homeschool is ensuring adequate socialization.

Sure, what “adequate” means and even to some extent what “socialization” means is open for discussion, but no one disputes that socialization is an important part of developing a well-rounded child who can successfully navigate the world around them.
Why would you think your four-legged child is any different?

Doggy daycare, even if your dog has special needs that requires a non-traditional doggie daycare experience, is essential to ensuring that your dog has the social skills necessary to successfully navigate San Francisco.

Of course, traditional doggie daycare provides your dog with the opportunity to learn how to socialize with other dogs (the social cues, reciprocal play behavior, etc.), but there is additional socialization that goes on at doggie daycare.

Just bringing your dog to doggie day care exposes him or her to more people, and social skills with people is probably more important than social skills with dogs in determining your dog’s ability to successfully navigate San Francisco.

Dogs that need something beyond the traditional daycare experience, something more along the lines of our Ranger Program, get socialized both by working with a wider array of people AND by working with the counselors in the presence of other dogs EVEN if they are not interacting with them!

If you have a reactive dog, you know that NOT reacting to another dog is an important social skill.

Why are we pointing these things out? Because as much as we think taking your dog for an on-leash solo walk has value (heck, we walk our own dogs all the time), we know that leaving your dog at home alone just so someone can take them on a 30-minute on-leash walk while you’re at work is simply not enough to ensure the proper socialization your dog needs to succeed in San Francisco.

Questions about which doggie day care option is best for your dog? Give us call and speak with our K9 Enrichment Coordinator.

Pet Camp has been offering doggie day care in San Francisco for over 21 years (that’s almost 10 dog years). If you have questions about your dog and doggie day care give us a call. From specialized doggie day care programs to all day play in San Francisco largest outdoor play area, Pet Camp has the doggie day care option that’s right for your dog.