Ranger Program

We know that not every dog is different and that not every dog is a dogs’ dog. There are dogs that just prefer to be with humans, don’t like group play or simply would prefer to let those other dogs wrestle, chase, or do whatever those other dogs do for fun. For too long, dogs that don’t like to play with other dogs have been forced to the sideline both at the dog park and at doggie day care but NO MORE!

Pet Camp’s new Ranger Program is specially designed for dogs that want to run, play, and burn off both physical and mental energy but just don’t want to do so with other dogs. We know that these dogs have special play needs we are pleased to be able to offer something just for them. Our Ranger Program includes:

  • (1) 20-minute agility course workout using weave poles and jumps
  • (2) 15-minute specialized training sessions focusing BOTH on fun activities AND the specific skills your dogs needs to be an active participant in your lifestyle including place, recall, off, drop it, and stay/wait.
  • Of course, your dog will also get three bathroom breaks spread out throughout the day.

Our Ranger Program will challenge your dog’s body and mind, ensuring that your dog goes home happy, healthy and tired. If your dog, or your lifestyle, would benefit from our new Ranger Program, give us a call and speak with our K9 Enrichment Coordinator. We’ll be happy to create the individualized program that’s right for you and your dog.

Call/ Text 415.282.0700