Has your dog seen you naked?

I was having a conversation with a Pet Camp counselor and was more than a bit taken back when they said they didn’t get undressed in front of their dog. I had no idea what to say, but my mind was racing. 

I knew that the dog and the counselor were of the opposite sex (not sure how that could be relevant, but since it’s the case I figured I might as well disclose it), but I was also confident that the counselor had been in a couple of longer term relationships and assumed they had gotten undressed in front of the other person (but maybe not in front of the other person’s dog) in those situations. I was not really sure how modesty might apply to the counselor’s dog but not the counselor’s “significant human other.”

Now, once I knew that this counselor didn’t get undressed in front of their dog, I was slightly less shocked when they said that they didn’t let their dog into the bathroom with them. I mean, of course, if you can’t get undressed in front of your dog how can you use the toilet in front of them?
But the kicker, as if the above wasn’t enough to make your head spin, is that this counselor averts their eyes when their dog is going to the bathroom! But of course, modesty has to be a two-way street. If you want a bit of privacy from your dog when on the privy, shouldn’t your dog be entitled to the same?

So, does any of this make more sense to you than to me? Do you follow these same rules of decorum?  What wacky (yup, I’m labeling this as wacky) practices do you have when it comes to your dog?

Thanks for reading.

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