Fashion in the Pet Care Industry – San Francisco Bay Area Style

I was never a fashionista – jeans and a t-shirt were my clothes of choice even when it was expected that I would wear nicer clothes to work. Scooping poop for a living was simply an excuse for dressing down even more (shorts and a t-shirt) and only when I turned 45 (a long-long time ago) was the kibosh placed on t-shirts (I still miss my Mr. Bubbles T-shirt) and I was forced to go to a shirt with a collar (polo shirts only). Shorts, of course, were still permissible.

Thankfully not everyone in the pet care industry is as lackadaisical as I am about fashion. So, for pet care fashion advice I turn to Timothy Hughes from Citizen Canine in Oakland, California. Timothy takes pet care fashion to a new level. For those in the pet care industry who attend conferences and meetings, you may recall that Timothy was the one who showed up in New Orleans for a 4 day conference with 3 suitcases (one just held his shoes).

We know that fashion week was last week and many were stuck with virtual shows and runways; not so for those of us in pet care. For this blog, rather than focusing on something as mundane as pet care, we’re going to show off Timothy sporting some of his pet care attire.

First, please see Timothy in his purple outfit.

Fashion with Citizen CanineFashion with Citizen Canine

Next, see Timothy in his blue ensemble.

Fashion with Citizen Canine
Fashion with Citizen Canine

Finally, Timothy shows off his classic grey look.

Fashion with Citizen CanineFashion with Citizen Canine

We want to thank Randi Drake and everyone else at Citizen K9 for sharing Timothy for a few hours. Timothy thought about giving me some fashion advice but decided he would have better success with Campy. He’s probably correct. Turns out that Campy has as many Pet Camp shirts as I do.

Stay healthy and have some fun and some laughs – you deserve it!

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