FAQs About K9 Enrichment

Hi, this is Mackenzie, Pet Camp’s K9 Enrichment Coordinator again.  In my last blog I introduced our K9 Enrichment program. Now that you know what it is, some of you may have specific questions. Here are some common FAQs that I’ve heard lately that will hopefully provide you with some answers!

k9 enrichment

Will my dog still get to play with other dogs if they are in the K9 Enrichment program?

Yes! Play is still heavily involved if the dog is eligible because dogs teach each other a lot! We hold closely monitored playdate sessions with one or more friends who have similar playstyles.

My dog does not get along with other dogs. Can he still come to Pet Camp?

Absolutely! Dogs like yours are part of the reason why we have created the K9 Enrichment program. We provide a safe space for your dog to have fun and be a dog with lots of activities made just for pups who prefer the company of humans over other dogs.

K9 Enrichment

My dog is not neutered but loves to play with other dogs, will he still get a chance to make friends?

Absolutely! We carefully curate playgroups just for them with lots of lady friends and respectful neutered males.

What if I want my dog to do both playgroup (Back Country, Trailblazer or Explorer) and K9 Enrichment?

We can certainly make that happen! We have created a 20 minute a la carte enrichment session that can be added on to any play package just for you!

My dog has a specific behavior issue. Can you help?

dog training smiling

Leash reactivity issue: At Pet Camp we prefer to put our campers in situations where they do not feel the need to react, so we can focus on the fun stuff! We recommend working on leash reactivity with a private trainer who can give you the tools and a plan necessary to adjust that behavior.

Very selective dog: If your pup prefers certain types of friends, we can curate special playgroups to meet their needs, or can give them lots of one-on-one time with an Enrichment counselor.

Nervous with new people/environments: If your dog is nervous with new situations or people, we can certainly give them lots of positive experiences, go at their pace, and work on confidence building exercises to help them become more confident and secure.

My dog likes other dogs but needs help with appropriate play manners and excitement levels. Can you help him learn cues?

k9 enrichment

Yes! With the help of tolerant furry friends and helpful counselors, we hold closely monitored playdate sessions with one or more pups who have similar playstyles so your dog can learn what works and what doesn’t. We also practice taking lots of breaks during play as well as recall out of play to ensure everyone is as safe as possible.

I hope this blog helped you get a deeper understanding of the program and answered any specific questions you had. If there is something that I didn’t answer here, please feel free to call and ask for me, I’d be happy to talk to you more in-depth about the program.

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