Excitedness Mitigation or How to Train Impulse Control?

Last week, we got a call from a pet parent who was working from home and wanted to bring her dog in for doggie day care and some à la carte K9 Enrichment.   During K9 Enrichment she wanted us to focus on “excitedness mitigation.”

It took us a minute to translate “excitedness mitigation” into “impulse control” but then we were off to discuss all the ways we can work with a dog who has spent Dog pawstoo many months at home with a lack of play mates and no positive reinforcement training. Turns out the “impulse control” issues were the basic things like getting too excited and then jumping up and nipping.

First, it’s hard to get too upset with a dog that has been cooped up at home for 6 or 7 months and has some excess energy to burn. Second, and more importantly, working on impulse control is definitely something that our K9 enrichment program can address. What makes it easier in this specific case is that the pet parent wanted her dog to play for a while first (burn off all that excess energy) and then to work on the impulse control issues. This is the perfect way to work with a dog at doggie day care (or overnight care for that matter): burn off the excess energy so the dog can focus and then use positive reinforcement to achieve the desired results.

Dog in SavannahIf your dog has built up way too much energy while you are working from home, or perhaps even developed some less-than-great habits; doggie day care and some K9 enrichment might be the perfect answer for your dog, too! Have a specific question about your dog? Give us a call and we’ll create a customized play or K9 enrichment program tailored to him or her. Just because you’re working from home alone, full of extra energy, and maybe developing some less than great habits doesn’t mean your dog needs to suffer too!
Thanks for reading and stay healthy!

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