Double Your Money AND Help Pets Too!

We hear this kind of stuff all the time: “Double Your Money,” or “Two For One.” Well, here’s a way to make that true AND help San Francisco’s pets at the same time.

For years Pet Camp has been supporting the efforts of San Francisco’s Animal Care and Control, San Francisco SPCA, and a host of other rescue groups. The work of these groups is amazing, but frankly, by the time they get involved the pet has already lost their home. All of these groups are active in the re-homing of pets, but who is active in keeping pets in their homes to start? For that, San Franciscans turn to the San Francisco Aid For Animals.
Now I’m not suggesting that SFAFA can solve every pet related issue. They aren’t building more middle class pet-friendly housing (something we desperately need) or offering free behavioral classes, BUT they are making veterinary care more affordable.  And in case you didn’t know, the inability to pay for veterinary care often results in pets being euthanized or put up for adoption at a shelter.

So how does it work, you ask? And what’s this two-for-one thing? Well, let me tell you. SFAFA works with veterinary clinics in San Francisco and if someone in San Francisco has a veterinary need for a treatable ailment that they can’t afford SFAFA pay up to $700 for the treatment provided the treating veterinarian contributes the same amount. Voila!   You now have $1400 of veterinary care for a $700 donation to SFAFA. If the pet parent can also contribute, then a single dollar donation can result in three dollars of veterinary care.

In San Francisco there are a host of groups and lots of money to address the needs of pets AFTER they’ve lost their home, but SFAFA is the one group out there to help keep pets in their home. So how can you help? Your money, of course! It’s easy (in fact we’ve provided you with a link right here!), AND remember this is a two for one investment in helping pay for the veterinary care of a needy San Francisco pet. Help Pet Camp support the effort to keep San Francisco’s pet in their homes and with the people that love them!

Thanks for reading.