Doggie Outfits – Who is Making the Fashion Statement?

Let me start by acknowledging that I am no fashionista. My daily routine is to pull on a pair of cargo shorts, a polo shirt and work shoes, then head to Pet Camp. Any day it’s less than 60 degrees (which is most in San Francisco) I will also throw on a hoodie. On those rare occasions when I wear long pants (always jeans) my kids will ask me who I’m meeting with since I got dressed up.

I’m also the pet parent of a Newfoundland, so not only are there not many doggie outfits made for her Rubenesque figure – but frankly I don’t think she knows when it’s cold or rainy outside. That said, walking around San Francisco I see plenty of dogs sporting rain coats and fancy sweaters this time of year. Sure for some of these dogs a bit more protection during our winter months might make sense (of course that means that they should also be sporting these accoutrements during our foggy & cold summer months as well).  But for others I’m forced to wonder: really, did you buy that fancy rain coat/sweater for you or your dog?

I won’t go out if my wife and I are wearing the same color shirt lest we look like tourists in matching leisure suits, so I’m not sure what to make of the pet parent and dog in matching rain gear! But then again, I’m the one walking around in the rain in shorts and a sweatshirt so maybe they know something I don’t.

Thanks for reading!