Cats Need Stimulation Too!

For as long as Pet Camp has been around (since 1997, in case you were wondering), there has been uniform agreement on the need for dogs to get stimulation. Maybe there was debate as to whether that stimulation should come from a long walk or group play or both, but everyone agreed that dogs needed stimulation. But what about cats?

For too long there was a perception that it was ok in cat boarding for cats to just lounge about; you know, that “sleep in the window sill” view of catdom. But cat parents know that while sleeping in the sun is fine some of the time (really, who doesn’t love that?), cats need more. But what is more? A long walk is generally out of the question and group play remains a mysterious idea for most urban cats, so what is there? Here are some ideas about what your cat needs and how Pet Camp is here to help:

  1. Play with your cat: Use a “cat dancer,” a laser pointer or some other toy to get your cat moving about. If you’re a lazy cat parent (sleeping in the sun are you?), don’t worry, we’ve built club lighting into Cat Safari so we can throw a switch and your cat can dance around it to his or her heart’s content. And if by chance this isn’t enough for your cat, we also offer VIP sessions where your cat will get the undivided attention of a Pet Camp counselor to play, be brushed, cuddle or pretty much anything else your cat desires.
  2. Looking out the window: Sure, it’s a thin line between looking out the window and sleeping in the sun streaming through the window, but cats really do like seeing what’s going on outside. The key is making sure that there is something stimulating going on outside the windows. Bird feeders and wild flowers are great ways to ensure that there’s always something going on to engage your cat. In case you were wondering, that’s exactly how we built our cattery at the Main Campground and our entire Cat Safari.
  3. Listening to the wild sounds of life: You can stimulate your cat simply by playing sounds that engage them. While you might enjoy the sound of the blender making margaritas, your cat would probably be more engaged by the sounds of birds chirping, frogs croaking, or trickling water (yup, we’ve got that covered too).
  4. Exploring the great outdoors: For urban cats this is often a non-starter, and for very good reasons; you take a big risk when you let your cat roam around the City. But wouldn’t you know it – we’ve got you covered here, too. Our one-of-a-kind Safari Solarium allows your cat to explore the great “outdoors” all the while safely within our solarium attached to Cat Safari. Without the risk of the real world your cat can explore, jump, climb, and everything else a cat wants to do to stay active and stimulated.

So, if your cat is ready to be an active, stimulated member of the feline species, and you understand the immense value of a healthy and active cat, give Pet Camp Cat Safari a call and let the fun begin!

Thanks for reading.